Zurker is pretty angry at me. On that note, is Zurker a scam?

I received this delight of an email today out of nowhere from Zurker. I had actually forgotten all about it to be fair, but now I feel like I’ve accidentally become part of a cult.

A newer article on this subject has been posted Return of the Zurker – Scam status confirmed(?)

Update: Post updated. Please see the bottom of the article

Hi Cohan,

The premise behind Zurker has always been that it is a social network
owned by the members who use it.

Emphasis on “use it.”

If you do not use Zurker, you are not entitled to co-own Zurker.

You last came to Zurker 287 days ago. This is unacceptable. If you
continue to refuse to support the project, your vShares will be

It’s been 18+ months since Zurker was launched. During this time, a
huge amount of development has taken place, and the world has shifted
in our favor. The world is as ready for a member-owned, ethically run,
privacy-oriented social network as it will ever be. We must now come
together and support the project with activity and traffic so that we
can make an impact on the media, and claim our rightful destiny as the
world’s next dominant social network.

A large number of members have started zurking regularly and our traffic
profile has improved dramatically, by no less than 130,000 Alexa points
in just a fortnight – but many more continue to be absent. For Zurker to
become successful, we need everyone to show up and support the project.

This includes you, Cohan.

All you need to do is zurk one post a day. This takes less than 1 minute.
I am sure you can spare 1 minute a day to support a project you co-own,
but if this is not possible, you might as well close your account now.

I am confident that enough Zurkers will come together and propel us to
success. But if not, I will not be held liable for the closure of this
project. This is a community-owned, community-driven project. Irrespective
of what I do, the community must come together for this project to go
anywhere. You are an important part of the community, and I am counting on
you to do your part.

Stay blessed.

Nick Oba
Custodian and co-founder of Zurker

Maybe if you quit saying Zurk so often I’ll be able to use the site without being reminded of The Smurfs constantly!

A thought immediately occurs; had I actually *bought* vShares would they also be rescinded? Chill out Zurker, we’re all friends here.

I’ve gone into my account there to see if it’s any better than it was and to avoid the wrath of Nick Oba. The interface is still a bit bland and buggy, half of the links clicked opens in a lightbox-esque modal window which occasionally just doesn’t load anything at all. Then whether it does or not it doesn’t support the standard click outside or Esc key to close… I’ll give you a bit more time, Zurkalots. I’m just not ready for whatever it is you’re selling, unfortunately it doesn’t feel like you’re in a position to provide it yet either. As it stands I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything by not being there, which for a social network makes or breaks it really.

On a bit of a more real note though, I never did find out what the deal was with Zurker. Any of you folk know at all? It looks somewhat like a Pyramid scheme disguised as a social network for some reason and the site zurkerscam.com doesn’t feel legit either, maybe someone should start a zurkerscamscam.com?

Simply put: Is Zurker a scam? I can’t say for sure I’ll ever be convinced that it’s not. At the very least not until they get a Wikipedia page that doesn’t get instantly deleted for being spam anyway.

On a final note, man these guys hate Facebook!


Having seen some of the response to this posting I thought I should update to clarify some things.

There were other emails sent before this one you didn’t mention

This turns out to be correct, the reason they were not mentioned is because I hadn’t read them — or even seen them!


First thing to get out of the way, posts with red to the left of them aren’t in any way inviting enough to be opened. As I have said before I’m very uncertain on Zurker, why would I be interested if they’re launching things or getting krazy?

(1) One home alert – Someone I don’t know wanting to connect with me

(2) – Finally get something back? Awesome!

Here we had somebody sweating – literally – on behalf of Zurker but
not getting more than a handful of referral credits out of it.

And that’s why I’m proud and excited to announce the Authorized Agent

Finally, more than a year after our beta release, it is possible for
those who bring Zurker funding to earn real money. You can use your
website traffic, your established marketing network, or your own two
feet to spead the word about supporting Zurker with funding. If you do
so, you can get a LOT out of it, because Zurker’s terms are extremely

That is edging even closer to being a pyramid scheme, at very least it’s a distant cousin of the classic pyramid scheme.

(3) – Here’s a free Zen coin. I had no idea what a Zen coin is at the time, and by the time I had read the email it was too late to claim it anyway.

(4) – This was actually me promoting my Zurker referral link a year ago on Facebook. Good times.

(5) – Now this one appears to be the one people are talking about when they say the one referenced at the start of this post was harsh because I didn’t read this one. I had to rescue this one from my spam box. I couldn’t see the second email people and the rescued email were referencing. I can only assume that one got spammed too.

(6) – This is the oddest one, it was someone saying welcome back to Zurker. All I had done at this time was logged in. How did the guy know? I thought Zurker was all over privacy?


  1. Are you posting this so that your article get some views. You are posting what Zurker is??? Have you ever used it properly??
    Facebook was not like this when it was released. Who make the facebook what it is today, Its us. Zurker is social networking site owned by the members. Its member driven project, and we all love it. So stop posting shit posts.


    1. I’ll be the first to admit I’ve not used it properly – Nobody I know is using it so there’s no social aspect to use. Other than that there doesn’t seem to be much more to the site other than people saying Zurk a whole bunch. I’d be happy to take a tutorial or guided tour of the site but I can’t find any.

      I apologize if the post is a shit post as you say, but it is generally just a long-winded question following a pretty funny if not odd email. I am still not convinced the site is legit and was curious as to other peoples’ viewpoints. You say that Zurker is owned by the members but is there anything backing that up other than promises?

      I still feel the same way about it as I did 290 days ago; that it has a pretty dodgy vibe to it and there’s nothing out there to prove otherwise. This post is just me asking for something to reverse that feeling.


      1. I have to say tho I am a moderately active member of zurker that I agree with many of your points and have tried to point some of these issues out to some of themore hard core owners to little avail. Honestly if I had received a letter with that level of rudeness and narcicism I would use that as a reason to quit. I had heard that nick sent letters to inactive members but never actually seen them and assuming that’s a legit letter it makes me less inclined to invest in the company at all. Time or money.

        I agree the site has improved a lot since last year but still feels clunky and much of the activity I see is largely praise of zurker and hatred of facebook. There are great chats as far as meeting new people and I do enjoy the chats even if I don’t actually know anybody. That’s the only reason I have stuck around. I would say if your only ties to the site were from shares you didn’t actually buy, just got through invites or whatever…by all means don’t feel obligated to be bullied into using it by an email. If you did pay into it there are sympathizers among us active users and raising a fuss on the site itself in a logical way (noting that if they feel attacked owners swarm to its defense in as rude a way as that letter) and let it be known you don’t approve of the way you money has been used. I wish I could say that would work but zurker prides itself on being democratically run which often means you are overruled by the regular users if you are a casual User.

        As for all the facebook hatred…well zurker always has been a bit narcissistic in its belief it can unseat that network. I’m not betting on it. Or investing in it. If it actually were working I suspect they would be having an influx of new active members instead of the usual join and leave…and they wouldn’t have so send out threatening emails to members.


      2. If you have not used the site often, how can you judge the site. You are judging 290 days old Zurker. Spent some time and give a review. I understand review and critics are important.
        If you need help or guide, there is online help 24*7. You will not get a guide through your email, so that you can use it.


        1. One can quite easily judge the letter though. I too am rather irritated at the letter and the boot-camp tone thereof. As for Zurker itself- well, I have TRIED to use it, but found it rather unintuitive and it didn’t really do anything that facebook didn’t do as well or better.

          I commented on much the same here: http://www.zurker.com/update-228036-1 and got an initial response (much along the lines of “You don’t understand, you just need to USE IT MORE…”), but when I then set out my detailed objections and suggestions of what might be improved, no further response was forthcoming.

          Quite frankly, it seems childish. I’m just waiting for the post calling all non-active users noobs…


          1. Hi Richard,

            You made a fairly good update there which I din c .. I am not dat active .. but as far as I c .. u got some replies .. some good ones:

            what I dont see is, your comments on these replies ..

            Beating facebook is a good enough incentive for me .. if thats not the case with you (quiet understandable) I would suggest looking at Suffolk Jason’s reply .. I am sure you should be able to find some incentive you like ..

        2. I have to mirror Richard’s comment below here. Especially the “You don’t get it” bits

          I know I don’t get it! Please, help me get it! 🙂


  2. I’m curious that is the actual Letter sent from Zurker. If so, I’m worry. If that was the actual letter from Zurker, what happened to our so called democracy. If this is the SNS site I’m supporting all this time, I’m really ashamed and sorry I ever invite anyone. To me, SNS site should be fun to visit and share and learn new thing with members and friends.


      1. This is the self same email (the number of days may have been different but it was there abouts! ;)) I received. I then logged on to view what must have been some pretty major changes and possibly more of an incentive to ‘Zurk’ more often but nothing….. Bland, slow. I appreciate that the chance to interact with anyone is a big draw and I think AnyBeat had that spot on but even that seems just, for want of a better word, rubbish. I’m genuinely interested in a social network that can actually give FB a run for its money. Zurker isn’t it. Yeah and the email was bloody rude! 🙂


  3. Good Morning,

    I think one of the issues in communication is language barriers.

    I love Zurker. And I do because I had a similar idea about mutual ownership. I also love Zurker for its many features,one being non censorship. I think the potential for Zurker is huge,but we need help from all our members to promote Zurker into the success we will all enjoy!

    I think that the members that use Zurker often are also right.They are working hard daily to make Zurker successful and when some members don’t participate regularly those members shouldn’t anticipate the same potential benefits.

    For Zurker to become successful, we need everyone’s help to support Zurker by being member driven in support and using Zurker.

    We are confident if our members come together and use the network we own, Zurker will be propelled into imminent success. We are hoping all members will start using Zurker like we have used other social networks in the past who have never given people the same potential opportunities of mutual ownership as Zurker.

    The question remains are you willing to help us? As an example have you promoted Zurker the network you mutually own?

    Hope to see you back on Zurker helping to grow our network.

    For the record I don’t hate FB , I do resent what it has become, such as the lies Mark first told about prism spying. That FB totally invades our privacy though prism and selling our information.

    That FB revokes our rights through their rigid adherence and compliance policies.

    We the people stood up against SOPA, PIPA, NDAA, ACTA, CISPA, TPP, FISA not to mention Bill C-30 in Canada and we were successful all for naught if we cave into Zuckerber’s FB demands!

    As well as FB.s silly policies on sharing to fast and issuing to many friend requests can get you suspended on FB. These are just a few reasons that people resent FB.

    Hope this helps and again hope you help us as a mutual member.



    1. No. The site is never going to be big enough. There are some massive useability issues that need overcoming first. It’s also a bit laughable that all the ‘Zurker’ accounts on other sites (Twitter, Facebook….etc) hadn’t been updated, at all between November last yeat and March this year. Maybe Nick Oba got a similar email from one of those social network sites…..


  4. Good points Cohan
    I am her today because I got basically the same message and was unaware that as an investor/share holder zurkerist I had to sign in everyday…. would zurker like to show me the Law that say’s I have to …. did I miss that bit… sigh in or you loose your account, your investment etc. seriously…
    Exactly what am I signing in for …there’s never anyone here .
    facebook may suck , but it gives people the ability to set up groups and discuss a wide range of topics… I am still finding it hard to navigate through this green bordered maze
    well probably comment again in another 3 months or until zurker gives me another warning
    Seriously zurker if you have to send a threatening message to your user’s to get them on your site…then what are you doing?
    my promisery notes … my ca$h I invested does not run out …why should my account ?


    1. Hi Johnny,

      You have to give a website a try to be able to form an well educated opinion about it.

      Whenever you switch to a new website its always hard in navigate around in the beginning. When I switched from Orkut to FB .. it was crazzy difficult for me.. later however i started liking it.

      Facebook gives you a lot of stuff bcoz dey dont have to give anything in return to you .. not even think about it .. They earn their share of money and are able to pay their developers from that. This isnt sth case with Zurker. .. Z1 doesnt have a team of highly skilled developers to help me make an awesome site that would attract thousands of users overnight and help Zurker become what it wants to.

      To get a share you dont need to buy .. you could just invite your friends for which you get shares .. seems like a pretty good deal to me – u get vshare for free .. I am a foreign student in USA .. trying to make enough to deposit my fees and make my living expense still bcoz i believed in it I invested in Zurker and still am (if it fails its a lesson i am ok with learning if not I am happy user). I dont say you need to do the same – u have ur own free will.. but I dont like it when ppl dont give something a try and form opinions abt it.

      Zurker since I started using it has improved a lot and still is .. and hopefully if ppl keep coming and investing their time and efforts it’ll be successful ..
      We need ppl to come on the site and help it grow .. and Cohan hadn’t visited for 287 days .. his account is practically dead in Zurker .. and dat isnt helping anyone .. and hence to get everyones attention Nick Oba sent out those mails. .
      Everyone received newsletters regarding updates, some other incentives to come visit again .. then a mail informing there was a voting process that was supposed to happen and another mail informing about new ‘owner status’ standing .. finally when all the methods failed .. Nick finally send a slightly harsh mail. He just said what everyone else felt .. and maybe he should have used different words ,, But the other mails weren’t working and this one did – least got some attention.

      Please, everyone who joins Zurker or any other activity for that matters .. please give it a chance before you want to criticize it .. Its easy to criticize .. lot difficult to be in the same shoes and do things differently.


      1. That is a great sentiment but the fact remains it isn’t very good. As a social network there are just too few people on there who I know and would like to be in contact with. I have been using Facebook for many years, was a very active member on AnyBeat and occasionally tweet and use G+. For Zurker to ‘grab’ me (and I suspect a lot of the users of FB) it would have to offer something new. Sure, privacy issues are very important and Zurker addresses that but privacy comes a lot lower down than delivering what I use on a daily basis to keep in touch with friends, arrange events, post and share pictures. And it is this that Zurker just doesn’t deliver. Once logged onto the site there is nothing that stands out. No indication as to ‘what to do’……..
        The claims that they are ready to go public, take on the mighty Facebook are frankly, no disrespect, laughable. The numbers don’t add up. Zurker Fans – Worldwide has 678 likes…. 678 Facebook users like Zurker. If that’s the people you are relying on to knock FB from its perch, you are going to struggle.
        I genuinely hope it improves, I hope it does knock FB from it’s spot but until it happens there is very little point in me using it…. I think that is the point Nick Oba isn’t getting.


      2. Hi Rahul,
        How odd that you don’t seem to see the comments. Essentially there were two comments addressing the points, one from Suffolk Jason, which I think you’ve seen, and one from ZurKing, which read: “Thanks Richard. Please, what do you mean by an ‘attractive concept’?”
        I replied to both of those comments- regarding the first comment, “what do I mean by an attractive concept”, my reply was: “What do I mean by an “attractive concept”?
        Well, good question. I suppose it varies from person to person, but let me see what I would prefer:
        I find the start page confusing. The default option seems to be “Street”, where I have a number of tabs- “clusters”, which is full of posts from “Berzurker”, whom I can’t even block, as I am not connected to him in the first place, interspersed with one or two posts from a contact; a “slider”, which I haven’t quite figured out; a “stack”, which is filled in its entirety by “Berzurker”, again; and “posts”, which seems to be something approaching the “timeline” that facebook has.
        The problem I have here (apart from the unwarranted posts) is that it is not entirely clear what the different tabs are supposed to be used for, how they differ, and why one would use them.
        Then there is the “Home” tab, which seems to show my own posts and those of connections? And don’t even get me started on “Streeme”, “Zones”, “Zen” and “Dashboard”. Far too complex.
        Sure, I could probably look them up in the FAQs or similar, or you could write a long explanation, but the problem is that that is likely to be too late. If it isn’t intuitive, i.e. if it feels too much like hard work to get to grips with it, then there is little chance that the average user (who might be just as lazy as I am) is going to spend time on it. More importantly, even if *I* were prepared to spend time on it in order to learn how it all works, chances are that most of my friends might not. In which case the attractiveness of the social network has just nosedived.
        Why is Facebook popular? Well, partly because it is near foolproof.
        While there are options one can choose in order to personalise it, the initial approach is very simple. I post an update, my friends can see it. They post an update, and I see it. Yes, I can add groups, etc. as well, but essentially I see the posts from people I have an interest in. I don’t get bombarded with numerous posts from Facebook staff telling me how great Facebook is and how I must use it more and get more people on board.
        Another point in its favour, is the simple fact that I can find people by their real names, which means that I have managed to re-establish contact with a whole load of old friends across the world, whom I had lost touch with.
        My main incentive in a social network is not to “beat” another social network, nor am I evangelical in trying to convert people to use a different one. I am pragmatic- I want to use a social network which caters to most of my friends as well, so that I can stay in touch.
        I gave this a try, because one never knows how well something might take off. Livejournal, for example, used to be quite actively frequented before Facebook, but most of that traffic seems to have moved to Facebook now. Google+ didn’t really take off, while twitter is going from strenght to strenght- although it’s not really something I have found much use for so far.
        Other networks, such as LinkedIn, focus more on the professional aspects. There it is easy to connect with other professionals in the same or related fields, to join discussion groups, etc. Again, horses for courses- I use LinkedIn for professional purposes, while Facebook is more of a social chat. I have heard it described as LinkedIn being one’s business suit, while Facebook is after work casuals. That pretty much sums it up for me.
        What can Zurker do? I’ll agree that it’s not easy to break into the market, but here are a few points that irritate me:
        1) It tries to do too many things at once, which makes it confusing. Jack of all trades & master of none.
        2) Too much time seems to be spent on self-aggrandisement. If I use a social network, I want it to operate quietly in the background, I don’t want it to jump up and down, shouting “look at how wonderful I am”, and blocking the view of those whom I might want to connect with. It’s a bit like the annoying kid at school, who spends all their time talking, telling you what great friends you are, and never, ever shutting up.
        3)There is too much negativity. I don’t have anything against Facebook. I don’t see “beating Facebook” as a goal. In fact, if that is all I keep hearing, it just sounds petty and mean-spirited. Yes, there are problems with facebook- so address those, explain how those aspects are dealt with better by Zurker, and be done with it. This permanent Facebook hate is dull.
        So, my suggestion? Simplify it. Make it more user friendly (or fool-proof).

        Other than that, several of the claims Zurker makes are somewhat questionable. On the “tour” it states that “The abiding concern at Zurker is not to milk the userbase for every last penny”- well, neither do other websites. In fact, if a social network decides to charge companies for advertising in order to provide me with a free service, I have no objections to that.
        “Absolutely no censorship”- apparently posts will never be removed or censored. Great. I mean, sure, I’m in favour of free speech, but should it really NEVER be restricted? Incitement to hate crimes? Organisation of illegal activities? Posting confidential details of people in order to encourage others to beat them up? Defamatory statements/outright lies? No censorship ever sounds like the sort of thing that seemed like a good idea at the time, but hasn’t been thought through. (In fact, the Terms of Service do explicitly state that child pornography will lead to the authorities being notified. One would hope and assume, that any such uploads would also be deleted, although that would contradict the claim that nothing is ever censored…)
        “Ownership of Zurker” – well, the “vShares” aren’t really shares, are they? The Terms of Service state that: “vShares are not shares, or stock. vShares are an agreement between the user and the OPERATORS that the user shall qualify for equity. As such, vShares cannot, technically, be “owned,” in the same way as conventional securities, and the agreement between the user and the OPERATORS may be revoked in case of intolerable and persistent abuse by the user; in other words, vShares shall be forfeited in case the user’s account is closed. ”
        Which also means that the claim that “Zurker is owned by everyone” is somewhat wide of the mark. At best they might be considered “options” on shares.
        So, as far as this element is concerned, I’d say Zurker shouldn’t promise more than it can deliver.
        If all of the above sounds rather negative, I am sorry. I have no axe to grind; I don’t know whether the whole thing is an attempt by the owner (i.e. the actual owner, Mr Oba, rather than the vshareholders) to profit from people investing, or whether it is a genuine, well-intentioned attempt to create a better social network (or indeed a combination of the two, and there is nothing wrong with that either- I gather that Mr Zuckerberg is also handsomely remunerated), but all in all it does not seem to have been very well done so far.”
        In respect of the second comment, Suffolk Jason’s 4 point suggestion, (which I believe you could see) my response was this: “Hi Jason,
        Thanks for your reply. I have responded more fully above, but let me just quickly address the four specific points you raised:
        1) That is precisely part of the problem. I don’t want to have to persuade others to join a social network, I want to USE a social network in order to FIND them. This means that I am far more likely to use one that they already use.
        I can use it like Facebook, but without the adverts and privacy & censorship issues. To be honest, the adverts don’t really bother me that much on Facebook. There is a little strip on the right with sponsored ads, which I ignore to the same extent as I ignore the internal advertising here, the “Portfolio”, “Prizes”, “LiveChat”, etc.
        As far as privacy is concerned, I gather that Zurker uses Google Analytics on its pages, so that is also not quite as clear cut as it sounds. Quite apart from that, if I post something on the internet, I am under no illusion that it will be private.
        As far as censorship is concerned, I have never yet had a problem with censorship on Facebook, but while I am in favour of free speech generally, I have some concerns about entirely unfettered free speech, which I have addressed in more detail above.
        2) I can connect with people I don’t know across the world. Well, yes, but that is hardly a “radical concept for a social network”. To be honest, I struggle to think of a social network that does NOT allow members to do that?
        3) How exactly is it democratic? (in practice, I mean, rather than just in name?) Are there any decisions that are up for a vote? Where do members get to have a say? Sure, one might agree a constitution, but are everyday decisions really going to be made by anyone other than the people running Zurker? Unlikely. Is control of Zurker likely to be handed over to whoever happens to be online at any given moment & interested in voting? I doubt it; more to the point, I very much doubt that, even if that were the intention, it would work, as there would be utter mayhem.
        As far as the “Guiding principles” are concerned, are they going to be binding? In what way? They are phrased as “principles”, which means that they may give a nice, warm fuzzy feeling, but are so vague as to be utterly unenforceable.
        4) This point I can vaguely understand (even though the vShares are at best options, rather than shares – see above -, if those options were ever to materialise into equity, then yes, there might possibly be an opportunity for benefitting therefrom. Although where any profit would come from if advertising is strictly excluded remains to be seen).

        If you have managed to read your way through all that, well done
        However, the fact that you couldn’t see my comments on the replies again shows some oddity about Zurker. At the moment, for some reason, this post (my own post!) isn’t even showing up in my HomeZone any more. Initially I wondered whether it had been deleted as being against the party line, but I did eventually manage to find it again. As (I hope) you can see, I have actually put some time into trying to understand Zurker, but despite that it is not very intuitive or user friendly. Hence my comments above. If one combines that with a bully-boy boot-camp-drill-sergeant approach towards “slacking” members, one is straight on to a loser, in my view.


  5. Do you find it at all concerning that the same people that run Zurker are the same people that run and created “Zen” the online currency?


    1. Glen if you aren’t comfortable with Zen u can just convert it to vshare ..

      Zen was created for some reasons .. and if you trust in Zurker then you can be confident abt Zen as well .. ?


      1. I don’t trust Zurker, not because of anything malicious but I have a healthy scepticism of sites on the internet (as everyone should). Ones asking for money tend to set off some red flags. Ones that ask me to buy their currency to buy their vshares tends to set off some red flags.

        If someone has purchased vshares, then threatens to arbitrarily take them away(how is that possible, they were purchased) sets off red flags.

        I don’t trust Zurker, I don’t trust Zen, it’s a site on the internet run by people I don’t know and they are asking for money.

        Since we are talking about trust, consider this. Zurker is selling vshares (which is the same thing as an IPO and buying real shares but NONE of the real ownership… so why not just offer real shares?) and saying vshares will translate to equity (real shares) in the company once it hits the 1 million vshares mark.

        So they will make 1 million shares (or what if another company offers to buy them before then) and the only thing requiring them to turn your vshares into equipty is their word. They have no legal requirement because vshares aren’t a real thing.
        So, if they make 1 million vshares or if someone offers to buy them out (if they happen to get popular enough) I have to rely on their word and human kindness to override MONEY and human greed to get my real equity (shares) in the company.

        We have seen how they have threatened to treat people who have bought vshares (to arbitrarily take them away because they haven’t been active enough). What’s to stop them from doing that when the time comes for you to get your equity, or to say “sorry we didn’t hit our 1 million shares goal and someone offered to buy us so technically you don’t get anything.”

        That sets off red flags for me and you should never give money on the interest to anyone or any company based on “trust”.


    2. Glen if you aren’t comfortable with Zen u can just convert it to vshare ..

      Zen was created for some reasons: https://www.preferzen.com/.. and if you trust in Zurker then you can be confident abt Zen as well .. ?


    3. Very. Mainly as Zen is one way and you have to buy a minimum of 50 (which converts to 50 vshares)

      What happened to 1 vShare = $1?


  6. This site is pathetic just take a look at the Alexa ranking. You have one site linking in to you is that your brother? By the way I am a Zurker owner. If you think no one uses Zurker or no one believes in it check it’s stats with Alexa. Or is Alexa making up this stuff as a scam so they can trick you into joining up and robbing you of your hard earned cash.

    I use Zurker every day, I can not find the bugs you talk about. I meet and socialize with some great and honest people. Never seen a pyramid there at all. Do you even know what one of those is? No one at Zurker has asked me for money. I invested in vShares because I think it is good idea to do so. Wish I had a bunch of shares in FB..I even wanted to invest some more but how shocked I was to discover they don’t want my money. I have never heard of a pyramid scheme that does not want you to buy more and more. Have you?

    No corporate money will ever be allowed into Zurker, so no corporation will ever data mine it for your private bits to sell. WOW that is bad. What sort of scam is that. They don’t want my money. They won’t sell my data. Maybe i SHOULD WRITE TO MY GOVERNMENT REP AND COMPLAIN.

    So Cohen please leave Zurker to the sensible ones and stop talking drivel at least until your great site gets a ranking.


    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment Ray. Just as a quick retort to the Alexa comment “We do not have enough data to estimate these metrics”. This means not enough people are visiting this site with the Alexa toolbar installed which is easy enough these days unless you’re seeing some serious traffic. As with most website stats, Alexa isn’t the be all end all of monitoring a website’s success. I’m not sure how it’s getting the 1 site linking in but it’s not displaying any more information for the site to look into further.

      I assure you I don’t have a brother and there’s more than one site linking in. I’d be happy to show you any of the stats for the site I can do, please feel free to ask.

      I have no doubt in my mind that people use and believe in Zurker, that’s not the issue. The bugs may have of course been fixed by now and that’s great news. I’ve got nothing against Zurker at its core. The problem comes in vShare form.

      To quickly define it,

      A pyramid scheme is a non-sustainable business model that involves promising participants payment or services, primarily for enrolling other people into the scheme, rather than supplying any real investment or sale of products or services to the public

      In fairness to Zurker it does have that last bit covered in the sense of a service to the public, I’ll give it that. But can’t you at least see that it fits the rest of the description pretty well? Especially the Zen Agent scheme.

      Zen is described as being the next big internet currency and will rival Bitcoin however the feature that is missing, the absolute killer feature all currencies should have, is being able to convert Zen into other currencies. The only thing Zen can be used for is to buy vShares in Zurker.

      As for not being asked to invest or buy vShares, in what I can describe only as the most perfect visit I’ve ever had to Zurker please take a look at this image:

      The perfect Zurker example

      Firstly there’s a MASSIVE IMAGE asking me to invest. There’s also a portfolio section that asks me to buy more vShares. There’s also the section with the red header below it asking me to invest.

      On the comment of “No corporation will ever data mine it” – They will, of course they will. Search Google for “site:zurker.com” there’s one right there, it’s a very simple example I know but I guarantee you if Zurker hits a point where it’s the most used social network there will be hundreds if not thousands of entities mining it for its juicy data. The only difference between Facebook and Zurker in this respect is that Facebook gets paid.

      I’ll thank you again for taking the time out to make your thoughts known, to finish up I’d like to ask how you found this page? I’d wager a small bit that it was through a search engine, the best and mightiest of all being Google.

      Looking at Google right now this page is ranking 8th (First page!) for the search term “Zurker” alone. I’ve not even looked a the longer tail links in but I imagine they’d be better than that (It’s a lot easier to rank for the long tails)

      Again, if you’d like any more stats or figures please do feel free to ask.


        1. It is called a scam. Zurker has claimed that the SEC shut it down yet the SEC has NO AUTHORITY to do so. The SEC only has authority over companies that trade on US indexes. Many of those lefties are going to be spewing hatred towards American and its evil agencies when it was a overseas scam from India that took them to the cleaners…. duuuu libtards you all loose again …


    2. Ray, you have been taken as you invested money and that money is gone. They claim that the SEC sought legal action yet the SEC does not have the ability to do so. On the way out it is still trying to vilify the US and its agencies. If you were truly an owner you would have been notified BEFORE it was shut down but then again, scams do not work that way. You will never see Zurker nor your money again. Sorry as you were one of the few decent posters there…


  7. lol zurker is just another pyramid scheme, pile of shit scam, “you only own zurker if you use it” lol WTF!!! facebook still rules the internet…no matter what 😉


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