Passcode Requirement – You must change your iPhone unlock passcode within 60 minutes.

Just now I opened up my iPhone and had an ominous message window pop up “Passcode Requirement – You must change your iPhone unlock passcode within 60 minutes.” and an option to do it later or right now. As you may have guessed as you’re here, this was a bit odd. Was it some background app trying to get at my passcode, a cheeky website trying to exploit something?

Nah, it’s just Apple. Basically it looks like they’ve upped the passcode strength from a 4 digit code to a 6 digit code. It seems all safe enough and whatnot but if you want to be absolutely sure tell it you’ll do it later then manually head on over to Settings -> Touch Code & Passcode. From here you can change your passcode without being worried that it’s some dodgy app or something messing around.

To note the message originally says┬áPasscode Requirement – You must change your iPhone unlock passcode within 60 minutes the featured image I’ve got on here only says 20 minutes as I took a moment or two to figure out what was going on!

Unfortunately (fortunately for me!) I didn’t let it get to the point where it ran out of time, I can’t say what happens if you don’t reset the code in time. Strikes me as odd they’d put a time limit on this sort of thing – In fact the urgency of the time limit is what lead me to believe it was dodgy in the first place!


  1. Actually dude, I just got the same exact message, and it isn’t Apple… is a form of adware/malware that an app or safari happened to get into. Straight from Apple Support……yes, if you happen to change your iPhone passcode, and you are running iOS 9, yes Apple has incorporated a 6 digit passcode once you change from the existing 4 digit passcode ……but this pop-up that says “Passcode Requirement. You must change your iPhone passcode within 60 minutes” IS NOT FROM APPLE!!


  2. It is a malware – close Safari completely (very important), go to Settings, Safari and clear all history, cookies and website data. Hard reset your phone. Then the message will be gone!


    1. It does not work, I went to settings, cleared all history, cookies and website data and did a hard reset, and the message still appears, countdown countinues


    2. I got this message but without the countdown. Just a sudden locking of the screen upon login. Even after hard restart. How can any malware based on a website take over the iOS to such a degree? Is it a government thing?


      1. I also had this message on 4th July and as I was busy I just changed my passcode without thinking.
        what do I do now?????

        How do I ensure nothing untoward will happen?

        I have cleared safari cache data and cookies and I have changed my passcode again but what now?


  3. Curious about the same thing, I googled and found this site, but my brother told me this is legit and it is because of the fbi investigation that took place. It is to make your phone more secure. Just hit later, go to your settings and change it. I didn’t even have safari open. So it’s not a hack it’s legit.


  4. I BELIEVE this is some kind of malware. Not sure how it works, and I’m not sure Apple knows how it works yet either. They don’t seem to be aware of it.

    Seems like this is it:

    You go on a rouge wireless network, in my case, in a Paris gym.

    Then I get the message, Which causes me to research what is happening.

    Most of the websites suggest that it’s a bug or whatever, as I was researching, it kept counting down, then upon reaching zero it gave me a “you must change password” message which I just restarted my iPhone and it went away.

    Though my iPhone is not jailbroken, and I DIDN’T put in the pin code (not even sure how that work work, why does a wireless network need a PIN code, how can it do anything with it?

    Then hours later, I notice contacts are not syncing.

    Then I notice that my iCal info in my iCLoud account is gone from the iPhone, ALL contacts, but iPad is just fine (what I am typing on now)

    So all iOS iCloud data seems to be screwy, so I am assuming it’s a bad guy till I can figure it all out

    Hopefully in 24 hours I will hear what is going on from the Apple engineers.

    But something seems screwey, though not sure how the scam works..

    1. IF they can get the PINcode from my, how can they use it?
    2. Why are my contact DISAPPEARING rather than the bad guy just stealing then via COPY and I would never know
    3. Are they that smart, and I’m that stufpid….


    Then I notice all of my iCloud photos are gone.

    Then I notice that the iCloud photos are back,

    Calling Apple for support. But not getting forward movement.

    Then ALL of my contacts are now gone, but my photos are there.


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