Services and things that I use

I use the following services either for fun or profit. The links below may be referral links but I present them as unbiased as I can. If I have used an affiliate link you’ll never lose out on anything, they’ll at worst chuck me a bit of account credit and at best chuck you a bit of account credit too!

If a service sucks it straight up wont be listed here because I wouldn’t use it.

Website makin’ stuff

Laravel – Current website building love. At one point I needed to build a non-WordPress site and stumbled across Laravel. Since then I’ve used it for basically every rando project and a few commercial sites/systems. I like it I do – I use these guys for my main hosting right now. I like them because in the backend you can have an SSD server for speed and attach a SAN over iSCSI for storage. Neat. You can also get additional IPs and route them to any server in any of their datacentres. Also neat

DigitalOcean – For quick projects, testing things, recording tutorials, hosting things in places other than France. While I do like their service I feel I get more bang-for-buck at Online. If I wasn’t using Online I’d be using DigitalOcean

KeyCDN – I use these guys for my CDN needs. Any of my projects that have heavy use of images, video, etc – those files are probably being served through KeyCDN

BunnyCDN – Currently giving these guys a go after KeyCDN started deleting statistic/analytic features and charging $90/mo for logs

Amazon AWS – Probably no real reason to even link these guys but just in case, Amazon’s AWS gets a shoutout. I mostly use AWS for internal domain stuff with Route53 and S3 for object storage

Cloudflare – I use Cloudflare in front of my sites so that hopefully visitors even distant from the origin servers at get a zippy response. At the time of writing I don’t have any of their paid features so I’m a giant leech upon their kindness. For this reason alone they are great

RunCloud – I’m no stranger to the configuration and maintenance of a webserver but in all honesty at this point I don’t want to deal with it. I use RunCloud to manage the website configs, HTTPS certs, security updates and all that

Sendy – I use Sendy for email lists because it’s super flexible and self hosted. I realise they market it on sending via Amazon SES but I have it set up using SMTP settings with;

Mailgun – Easily send email outbound without setting up a mail server and dealing with blocklists and reputation scores. Also it has a sweet inbound mail function that passes a nicely-parsed JSON version of emails

Domain Addiction

Namecheap – Almost all of my domains are now at Namecheap. I used to use for domains but switched to Namecheap at some point, can’t even remember why – they probably had a promotion on or something. Both good

Computers n’ things

OS wise, if it’s nerdy it’s Linux and recently if it’s Linux it’s Ubuntu right now. Probably 17.10 if I have a choice, 16.04 otherwise. Used to use Fedora but got so behind in updating it the OS became unsupported (Fedora 24) so I decided to try out Ubuntu as I was reinstalling anyway. No chance was I going to struggle through two Linux major version updates (at the time Fedora 24 to 26)

Hardware wise I can’t remember at the time of writing this – note to self, update this – My Linux install is on a dedicated 250gig SSD though I remember that much! As for the rest of the hardware I also have a Windows install for playing the computer games. Also there’s a Synology DS918 knocking about somewhere that I store big or shared files on. That’s pretty nifty.

Recording or streaming tutorials and builds is done using OBS Studio on a separate recording/streaming computer via an HD60 Pro. Excessive as all hell for my use case but honestly I just didn’t want to deal with trying to screen record in both Windows and Linux. One set of quirks, please. I realise having a dedicated stream PC sounds like too much too but it’s literally just my old PC with nothing installed on it except Windows, Chrome and OBS. Noice.

If I forgot anything or you want more specific info just lemme know!

Featured image up top there is green circuit board by Peter Shanks

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