Services and things that I use

I use the following services either for fun or profit. The links below may be referral links but I present them as unbiased as I can be. If a service sucks it wont be listed here.

Website makin’ stuff

Laravel – Current website building love. At one point I needed to build a non-WordPress site and stumbled across Laravel. Since then I’ve used it for basically every rando project and a few commercial sites/systems. I like it I do. – I use these guys for my main hosting right now. I like them because in the backend you can have an SSD server for speed and attach a SAN over iSCSI for storage. Neat. You can also get additional IPs and route them to any server in any of their datacentres. Also neat.

DigitalOcean – For quick projects, testing things, recording tutorials, hosting things in places other than France. While I do like their service I feel I get more bang-for-buck at Online. If I wasn’t using Online I’d be using DigitalOcean.

KeyCDN – I use these guys for my CDN needs. Any of my projects that have heavy use of images, video, etc – those files are probably being served through KeyCDN

Amazon AWS – Probably no real reason to even link these guys but just in case, Amazon’s AWS gets a shoutout. I mostly use AWS for internal domain stuff with Route53 and S3 for object storage.

Cloudflare – I use Cloudflare in front of my sites so that hopefully visitors even distant from the origin servers at get a zippy response. At the time of writing I don’t have any of their paid features so I’m a giant leech upon their kindness. For this reason alone they are great.

ServerPilot – I’m no stranger to the configuration and maintenance of a webserver but in all honesty at this point I don’t want to deal with it. I use ServerPilot to manage the website configs, HTTPS certs, security updates and all that. Pricey if you have more than one server, would probably get in the way if you have a more advanced setup.

Domain Addiction

Namecheap – Almost all of my domains are now at Namecheap. I used to use for domains but switched to Namecheap at some point, can’t even remember why – they probably had a promotion on or something.

Computers n’ things

OS wise, if it’s nerdy it’s Linux and recently if it’s Linux it’s Ubuntu right now. Probably 17.10 if I have a choice, 16.04 otherwise. Used to use Fedora but got so behind in updating it the OS became unsupported (Fedora 24) so I decided to try out Ubuntu as I was reinstalling anyway. No chance was I going to struggle through two Linux major version updates (at the time Fedora 24 to 26)

Hardware wise I can’t remember at the time of writing this – note to self, update this – My Linux install is on a dedicated 250gig SSD though I remember that much! As for the rest of the hardware I also have a Windows install for playing the computer games. Also there’s a Synology DS918 knocking about somewhere that I store big or shared files on. That’s pretty nifty.

Recording or streaming tutorials and builds is done using OBS Studio on a separate recording/streaming computer via an HD60 Pro. Excessive as all hell for my use case but honestly I just didn’t want to deal with trying to screen record in both Windows and Linux. One set of quirks, please. I realise having a dedicated stream PC sounds like too much too but it’s literally just my old PC with nothing installed on it except Windows, Chrome and OBS. Noice.

If I forgot anything or you want more specific info just lemme know!

Featured image up top there is green circuit board by Peter Shanks

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