Welcome to my sandpit where I try out ideas, projects, services, tools, etc.


Nothing fully released to the public at the moment. I need to get a move on!


You can use things in the beta stage. You might even be able to use all the features! You’ll probably bump into a false wall held up with scaffolding somewhere though.

Yogs DB - Yogs DB is a site that lets you browse the back-archives of a YouTube network known as The Yogscast. Generally it’s aimed to be an easy search engine that works across their network as opposed to either a specific channel or YouTube as a whole. The future idea is that it’ll then be able to alert […]

In Progress

Furiously tapping away in sublime to get to the beta stage. Chances are sites here have a signup form on ’em where you can sign up to be (in)formed when they’re in beta!

Lander - A lightweight landing page app. Nice n’ simple set up a few .env variables and you’ve got a landing page. Integrates with Mailgun’s mail list API to set up an announce maillist. Probably support Mailchimp later or something but in all honesty I’m making this to avoid using Mailchimp.
Podsift - After a few podcast databases disappeared and after I really could have done with one I set upon the task of creating one of my own. Podsift is at its core essentially just a database of podcasts with an API. Additional functionality down the line is the ability to find new podcasts for people to […]
YMDB - YMDB is an evolution of the Yogs DB site. It’ll be an open source version of the site that you can use to keep track of all of your creations. YouTube, Twitch, natively hosted media – The site indexes the lot (and continually keeps said lot updated) and presents it in a nice way for […]


Projects that are in the planning stage. Please, feel free to try and guess what they’re going to be. They may never appear. Projects worked on in order of hype,interesting desc.

Deployhost - Something to do with websites. 
Feedfinish - Something to do with RSS feeds.
Imghex - Something to do with images. 
Indiesub - Something to do with crowdfunding.
Pipeshell - Something to do with automation.
Podhex - Something to do with podcasts. 
Vidhex - Something to do with video. 


Ideas that were too zany, dumb, already-in-existence, or expensive to ever have a chance.

See Rejected Ideas


They’ll get a little love every so often, especially for security issues, but they’re for the most part idle and will remain in whatever condition they’re in now forever

eggbot - eggbot the foul mouthed robot is an IRC bot that speaks to people using a markov chain. What that means is it remembers everything it sees in terms of “this word is usually followed by this word”. From there whenever someone triggers the bot either through referencing it by name or on a random interval […]