A lightweight landing page app. Nice n’ simple set up a few .env variables and you’ve got a landing page. Integrates with Mailgun’s mail list API to set up an announce maillist.

Probably support Mailchimp later or something but in all honesty I’m making this to avoid using Mailchimp.


eggbot the foul mouthed robot is an IRC bot that speaks to people using a markov chain. What that means is it remembers everything it sees in terms of “this word is usually followed by this word”. From there whenever someone triggers the bot either through referencing it by name or on a random interval the bot generates a sentence or two in response based on a keyword in the trigger text.

Sorta works like your phone’s predictive text on autopilot.


YMDB is an evolution of the Yogs DB site. It’ll be an open source version of the site that you can use to keep track of all of your creations. YouTube, Twitch, natively hosted media – The site indexes the lot (and continually keeps said lot updated) and presents it in a nice way for your fans. Want your fans to be able to subscribe to specific searches, tags, people starring in your videos. Yup! Comes with easy to use automatic tagging tools so that after the initial setup it’s a nice hands-off way to keep everyone up-to-date.

YMDB – Your Media Database (nothing public yet)