What am I doing right now?

This is a now page - it tells you what I’m working on right now. Well, maybe not right now, I might be sleeping. It should be representative of what I’m currently working on though! While this post was initially created on 2018-09-05 I’m going to keep the post date up-to-date with the last time I updated this page.

Knowing me I’ll probably bodge together a Zabbix check to ping me an alert if I don’t update in longer than a month or something so it should always be accurate. [Edit: I did. That’s what reminded me to come edit this]


This site. I know that sounds like sarcasm but honestly I’ve never been great at writing down what I’m doing or what’s on my mind. Blogging has always been a goal but never a focus. I’m attempting to keep this site up to date with at least the more interesting of the things I work on.

Wrote this one today: Garbage collection for the brain


I was working on Podsift for a fair while and indeed it does now have the ability to import podcasts and automatically check them for updates. I’m putting it on the backburner a little though as I’ve been finding myself a bit cream crackered whenever I finish working on it, this is making the other projects suffer. I’ve also had a bit of a thought that everyone’s just using iTunes anyway so there might not even be a market for a podcast API and search engines already exist… I dunno I’ll probably get a random spark and come back to it the second I publish this update.

As for actual coding though the spark recently relit in the Yogs DB project. I’d realised that the entire point of making Yogs DB was to have certain alerts fire - if you’re not familiar with YouTube networks and all that just jump on by to the next thing. Essentially they’re a group of people who make videos, and what I wanted was an alert when certain members of the group appear in the same video - Say a couple that I just like the chemistry between those members.

Anyway yeah I realised I’ve never really finished that project and I’ve been wanting to rewrite it for a while. I initially wrote it when learning Laravel so naturally all of the code is garbage and should be burned now that I look back on it. The new build preview is at YogsDB Oasis. It’s barely functional. Yay!


Still researching and writing up information on large businesses because dangit if they’re not interesting. The podcast is called Huge Beginnings and I’ll hopefully have a bit of a pilot episode sorted soon for it. Turns out writing things you have to research too takes a bit of a moment to get done. Starting to ponder the idea of outsourcing the initial research for each episode. At this rate I’ll be doing a new episode every 6 months D:


Still got an on again off again relationship with Twitter. I’ll go months between checking it then suddenly it’ll be the place to be whenever I’m procrastinating. Pop by and say hello! @CohanRobinson