Hey! I’m Cohan Robinson and I am a PHP developer. Right now I build Laravel PHP and WordPress based websites. Here’s some of the things I’m working on

Ok this has been bugging me. I recently got a notification from Facebook saying I had been blocked from creating Open Graph things for a day. Honestly couldn’t think of any reason as to why. As for you folks out there that just want to get to the part where I tell you how to remove all apps from Facebook in one go just jump down underneath the images it’s there under its own heading. I do apologise for waffling it’s just that without typing a bunch of stuff Google doesn’t care about your content so you never get listed anywhere on its search engine. Hence this story. Such is life. Anyway check this out. Just out of the blue I get this[…]

Blast off! Oh that’s cheesy. If you’re into your code and you’re into your space you may be interested in hearing that the source code for the Apollo 11 guidance computer has been put up on GitHub: Apollo 11 Guidance Computer source code. Of course the internet is having its way with it right now, filing issues such as adding a pull request that provides an extension pack for picking up Matt Damon. There have also been some important typo fixes that were missed originally that the internet of course has now fixed. Other issues include a request to modernise the code by adding a Dockerfile. Finally there’s also a request to tidy up the repository, as having all of the source[…]

Like most of the posts on this site something’s been bugging me for almost years at this point (ok, a year.. probably less) and it’s finally pushed me over the edge to try to fix it. – My screen keeps going black, seemingly randomly whenever it decides it wants a breather. Let me preface I’ve got an NVIDIA GPU of some sort for the gaming and whatnot. It uses the NVIDIA GeForce control panel to sort its inner workings. If you’ve not got that you might be able to play along here but also you might be out of luck. Let me know in the comments if this helps either way. The quick summary is up there in the title. Whenever[…]

Just now I opened up my iPhone and had an ominous message window pop up “Passcode Requirement – You must change your iPhone unlock passcode within 60 minutes.” and an option to do it later or right now. As you may have guessed as you’re here, this was a bit odd. Was it some background app trying to get at my passcode, a cheeky website trying to exploit something? Nah, it’s just Apple. Basically it looks like they’ve upped the passcode strength from a 4 digit code to a 6 digit code. It seems all safe enough and whatnot but if you want to be absolutely sure tell it you’ll do it later then manually head on over to Settings[…]

What is a thud? It’s a loud sudden noise, hyuk hyuk. But no seriously Thud is a livestreaming website I’m working on with my bud Fox. Why make a livestreaming service when others exist? Well the absolute first reason is because we want to see if we can! Aside from that we want to make something that’s a bit better, a bit more ‘modern’ than what’s out there currently. Right now you see things like transcoding limited to the bees-knees of streamers. Great and all as you then only need the processing power for the topmost streamers but in all honesty is it the streamer who cares? It should be all about the viewer. Every streamer matters to us but[…]

Oh man. Whoo-boy. I have tripped over. No I don’t mean the event that caused the actual hip break, I have a full on post about what happened there in the works but it’s a wordy boring one. Christmas with a broken hip. Not a good idea! Whatever happened to the days when people would give you shower gels, deodorants and socks? This year it was all chocolate! No word of a lie I wouldn’t be surprised if the amount of chocolate in the house right now weighs more than me! With Christmas comes time off work, with time off work comes too much resting. You combine that with the amount of food knocking about during Christmas time and you[…]

I’ve been using Laravel a lot lately. Like seriously, a lot. I’m using it for Pdcast as well as a project in my day job. Part of the draw to using Laravel was that there’s a LTS (Long Term Support) release available now, version 5.1! This version requires PHP 5.5.9+, however that’s not included in your bog standard CentOS or EPEL repositories. Nice and quickly then, lets get the latest PHP installed so we can use the new Laravel. We’re assuming you’ve already got PHP installed, if not then replace the following “update” command with a yum install php command, keeping the enablerepos intact. yum install http://rpms.famillecollet.com/enterprise/remi-release-6.rpm yum update –enablerepo remi –enablerepo remi-php55 You should now be at (at the time[…]

Well here’s one to get into straight away! Recently tried activating Jetpack but had this pop up instead? Your Jetpack has a glitch. Something went wrong that’s never supposed to happen. Guess you’re just lucky: xml_rpc -32700 Try connecting again. Error Details: The Jetpack server could not communicate with your site’s XML-RPC URL. Please check to make sure https://icnerd.com/xmlrpc.php is working properly. It should show ‘XML‑RPC server accepts POST requests only.’ on a line by itself when viewed in a browser and should not have any blank links or extra output anywhere. I’m betting either you have indeed blocked the xmlrpc file (and if you have why would you be here, you know what’s wrong!) or you are using CloudFlare? Basically the problem is that[…]

In response to a question on how to remove all videos from your Watch Later playlist on Reddit I posted this up. Thought it may (theoretically of course, read on) help you folk out too! Firstly, navigate to your Watch Later page Disclaimer: You really shouldn’t run random code provided by randoms on the internet. You should probably never open your browser’s console unless you know why you’re doing it. I take no responsibility if this doesn’t work, etc, etc. If you understand that and also understand that I might be a lying loser on the internet trolling you (I’m not, but could easily be), open up your browser’s console (ctrl+shif+j in chrome, ctrl+shift+k in firefox) and paste the following[…]