About Me

Hey! I’m Cohan Robinson and I am a PHP developer. Right now I build Laravel PHP and WordPress based websites.

Here’s some of the other things I’m working on outside of the day job


Thud is a live streaming service we’re building live on Twitch on the ICNerd channel – Join in, follow, get involved in the process!

Now I hear you, why am I building a live streaming service on a live streaming service? For the fun of it! No it’s not aimed to be a real website at the end, it’s essentially building off the back of a past cancelled real life project because I want to see how the code itself would play out if I had stuck with it. Without the business side in the way, we get to see how it would have worked technically without any of the stress!

If you’d like to see this sort of thing open sourced, please do check out the Patreon for the ICNerd project

Building Thud live

Yogs DB

Yogs DB is a site that lets you browse the back-archives of a YouTube network known as The Yogscast. Generally it’s aimed to be an easy search engine that works across their network as opposed to either a specific channel or YouTube as a whole. The future idea is that it’ll then be able to alert you when certain criteria is met on new video uploads and that sort of thing. Recently added was an On This Day feature that lets you see what videos were released on this day each year back through the years.

Quite a fun little project, originally created because I wanted to sharpen my Laravel skills and use things like queues and background tasks, scheduling, notifications, that sort of thing.

YogsDB – Yogscast Database

Bespoke Work

I’ll be completely honest, I only really do bespoke work that is interesting and/or has a budget worth the time put in. To avoid competing with my day job employer I’m also not doing any bespoke WordPress work at this time. I’ll be happy to refer you to the web studio I work for of course (and will probably end up working on your site anyway) so please do feel free to get in touch if you’ve got a WordPress project you would like me to look at.

I do not work for “exposure” I am quite capable of building my own portfolio projects – I have plenty of my own ideas to build!

Standard rates are £125/hr. Fixed price projects considered.
I do not sign NDAs without adequate financial compensation.

If you’re still interested, contact me and we’ll see what we can arrange!