About Me

Hey! I’m Cohan and I am a PHP developer.

I build websites using Laravel PHP and WordPress. I’ve been working with tech for over a decade. Before doing the dev stuff I was in a sysadmin role but fancied getting my chops around something new

Currently working on

DNSMan - DNSMan is your DNS management system. Domains all over on Cloudflare, Route 53, DigitalOcean? No worries! Keep them there, manage them here
Zoop - Zoop is a site that is reminiscent but obviously legally totally different to what Vine.co used to be. The brief overview is that it’s a short video sharing service with videos being anywhere from 3 to 12 seconds long.

Check out the Projects pageĀ for things previously worked on and things going to be worked on in future!

Bespoke Work

Got a problem that needs solving? Let’s solve it. Need a process automating? Let’s automate it. Website need building? Let’s build it. Give me your problem and I’ll give you your solution.

I’ll only ever tell you a project is impossible if it is physically or technologically impossible to accomplish. Let’s talk.