About Me

Hey! I’m Cohan Robinson and I am a PHP developer. Right now I build Laravel PHP and WordPress based websites.




After a few podcast databases disappeared and after I really could have done with one I set upon the task of creating one of my own. Podsift is at its core essentially just a database of podcasts with an API on top. Additional functionality down the line is the ability to find new podcasts for people to listen to but with the goal of avoiding the standard genre/tag matching everyone else does. That’s not how people discover new podcasts, we’re going to figure out a new way.

Podsift – Podcast Database

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Bespoke Work

Got a problem that needs solving? Let’s solve it. Need a process automating? Let’s automate it. Website need building? Let’s build it. Give me your problem and I’ll give you your solution.

I’ll only ever tell you a project is impossible if it is physically or technologically impossible to accomplish. Let’s talk.