About Me

Hey! I’m Cohan Robinson and I am a PHP developer. Right now I build Laravel PHP and WordPress based websites.



Here’s a sampler of the things I’m currently working on. For more check out the Projects page


After a few podcast databases disappeared and after I really could have done with one I set upon the task of creating one of my own. Podsift is at its core essentially just a database of podcasts with an API on top. Additional functionality down the line is the ability to find new podcasts for people to listen to but with the goal of avoiding the standard genre/tag matching everyone else does. That’s not how people discover new podcasts, we’re going to figure out a new way.

Podsift – Podcast Database


YMDB is an evolution of the Yogs DB site below. It’s an open source version of the site that you can use to keep track of all of your creations. YouTube, Twitch, Natively hosted media – The site indexes the lot (and continually keeps said lot updated) and presents it in a nice way for your fans. Want your fans to be able to subscribe to specific searches, tags, people starring in your videos. Yup! Comes with easy to use automatic tagging tools so that after the initial setup it’s a nice hands-off way to keep everyone up-to-date.

YMDB – Your Media Database

Yogs DB

Yogs DB is a site that lets you browse the back-archives of a YouTube network known as The Yogscast. Generally it’s aimed to be an easy search engine that works across their network as opposed to either a specific channel or YouTube as a whole. The future idea is that it’ll then be able to alert you when certain criteria is met on new video uploads and that sort of thing. Recently added was an On This Day feature that lets you see what videos were released on this day each year back through the years.

Quite a fun little project, originally created because I wanted to sharpen my Laravel skills and use things like queues and background tasks, scheduling, notifications, that sort of thing.

YogsDB – Yogscast Database

Bespoke Work

Ever found yourself in the situation where you want to yell “JUST. FIX IT!”? I’m the guy that you can yell that to. Of course I’d prefer you don’t yell, but I wont take it personally if you’re in a pinch.

Got a problem that needs solving? Let’s solve it. Need a process automating? Let’s automate it. Website need building? Let’s build it.

What you’re paying for is the solution to a problem so you’ll be kept in the loop as much or as little as you like, once the project has been scoped out you can even opt to just receive a “Done” email at the end of each milestone. Give me your problem and I’ll give you the solution.

I’ll only ever tell you a project is impossible if a task is physically or technologically impossible to accomplish. Let’s talk.

Standard rates are £2,400 per week. Billing starts after the proposal is approved. Work starts after a 20% payment.