About Me

Hey! I’m Cohan and I am a PHP developer.

I build websites using Laravel PHP and WordPress. I’ve been working with tech for over a decade. Before doing the dev stuff I was in a sysadmin role but fancied getting my chops around something new

Currently working on

DNSMan - DNSMan is your DNS management system. Domains all over on Cloudflare, Route 53, DigitalOcean? No worries! Keep them there, manage them here

Check out the Projects pageĀ for things previously worked on and things going to be worked on in future!

Bespoke Work

Got a problem that needs solving? Let’s solve it. Need a process automating? Let’s automate it. Website need building? Let’s build it. Give me your problem and I’ll give you your solution.

I’ll only ever tell you a project is impossible if it is physically or technologically impossible to accomplish. Let’s talk.